Review: Dark Protector by Katie Reus

Author: Katie Reus
Series: Moon Shifter #6
Release Date: December 6, 2016
Publisher: KR Press
Source: Net Galley
Pages: 275
Reviewer: Elizabeth
Rating: 5 Stars
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He walked away once; he won't do it again.

Wolf shifter Aldric Kazan is no stranger to pain. Since the loss of his mate a century ago, he won't allow himself to fall for someone again—not even the feisty female who stirs things in him that he thought were gone long ago. But as a supernatural investigator, he's forced to team up with the same woman he vowed to stay away from.

She let him in once; she refuses to do it again.

Natalia Cordona refuses to back down from any challenge—even if it means joining forces with Aldric, the sexy and brooding man who won't get too close. Locating missing vampires before a volatile war breaks out seems nearly impossible as the duo struggle with their explosive and undeniable attraction. Now it's up to Natalia and Aldric to trust each other to stop an all-out war from breaking out that would destroy the harmony they've all worked so hard for.

Elizabeth's Thoughts
The Moon Shifter series is my favorite series by Katie Reus. So when I found out not one, but TWO Moon Shifter books would be releasing this year, I thought Christmas surely had come early! And I was right!

DARK PROTECTOR is everything I hoped for, and so much more! The alpha hero has a lot of baggage and is scared of making the same mistakes again. The strong alpha heroine is tough-as-nails, cusses like a sailor and is fiercely loyal. She’s also hurting because Aldric broke their friendship and destroyed her trust five months before. It’s going to take a lot more than an apology to make amends with this female…but not her wolf. Apparently all Natalia’s wolf needs is to be in the vicinity of Aldric and she’s clawing to get at his wolf…and the sexy male himself. Damn traitorous wolf!

Aldric and Natalia are working with Jayce—Aldric’s brother—Jayce’s mate, Kat and a striking vampire named Niko on a case in which a high-ranking vampire from a coven in upstate New York has gone missing. Aldric and Natalia struggle to keep their emotions in check as the investigation ramps up and another vampire disappears. As a truce between the coven and neighboring wolf shifter pack hangs in the balance, tensions are high and war is on the horizon. Can Aldric, Natalia and the rest of the group find the missing vampires before war breaks out, or will the tenuous peace be obliterated when the culprit(s) is/are revealed?

I absolutely LOVED this story! Aldric and Natalia have great chemistry and you can see it in every scene they’re in together. I also loved seeing the vulnerable side of Aldric. He failed to protect his first mate and fears that he’ll fail Natalia as well, so he flees out of a misguided idea that he’s protecting her…and himself. Yet, the distance he’s put between them does more damage than good. Aldric is also torn between doing his duty and making things right with Natalia and the desperate need to keep her safe.

Natalia is a kick-ass female and I totally admired her. Especially when she had to work so closely with Aldric and keep her feelings out of the job she was doing. Hard as it was, even harder when she and Aldric were alone. She was brilliant throughout the whole book and I just loved her!

The suspense aspect of the story is exciting, dangerous and thrilling! The author perfectly joined Aldric and Natalia’s story with the growing mystery. It was seamless, polished and also brilliant. I also loved that we are introduced to new characters, including a jaguar shifter that runs a bed and breakfast and a devastatingly charming vampire with more humanity than most. I have to say, I totally fell in love with Niko! His mate will be a very, very lucky female!

DARK PROTECTOR is a fast-paced paranormal romance/romantic suspense mix that will quickly draw you into the story and keep you firmly entertained until the very end! I highly recommend every book in the Moon Shifter series and any story written by Katie Reus!

I want to thank the publisher for generously offering me a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. All conclusions reached are my own.

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