Review: Wild Embrace by Nalini Singh

Author: Nalini Singh
Series: Psy-Changeling #2.5, 5.1, 11.5, 12.1
Release Date: August 23, 2016
Publisher: Berkley
Source: Net Galley
Pages: 385
Reviewer: Elizabeth
Rating: 5 Stars
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The “alpha author of paranormal romance” presents a stunningly sensual collection of four all-new Psy-Changeling novellas, in which taboos are broken, boundaries are crossed, and instincts prove irresistible...

Echo of Silence 
In a deep-sea station, Tazia Nerif has found her life’s work as an engineer, keeping things running smoothly. But she wants nothing more than to break down the barrier of silence between her and her telekinetic Psy station commander...

A changeling who can never shift lives a life of quiet frustration—until he learns how to let his leopard come out and play...

Partners in Persuasion 
Still raw from being burned by a dominant female, wolf changeling Felix will never again risk being a plaything. But for dominant leopard Dezi, he’s the most fascinating man she’s ever met. She just has to convince this gun-shy wolf that he can trust the dangerous cat who wants to take a slow, sexy bite out of him…

Flirtation of Fate 
Seven years ago, Kenji broke Garnet’s heart. Now the wolf packmates have to investigate the shocking murder of one of their own. And the more Kenji sees of the woman Garnet has become, the deeper he begins to fall once more. But even his primal instincts are no match for the dark secret he carries...

Elizabeth's Thoughts
Nalini Singh is one of my very favorite authors. Her Guild Hunter series is my absolute favorites (tied with J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series, of course). The Psy/Changeling books are always difficult for me to get into because there are so many technical details that my brain just can’t process and enjoy the book at the same time.

However, I never have that issue with the novellas, which is why I pounce on them! You don’t have to be vested in the series to read them. Ms. Singh can make magic in any number of words or pages, no matter how vast or compact. And she has me thoroughly enchanted with these four gems taken from the Psy/Changeling world . . .

Wow! This story was absolutely beautiful. It’s one of the best love stories I’ve ever read and I need more of Tazia and Stefan’s story!

I loved everything about this novella. I loved that Tazia respected her beliefs and values and stayed true to them. My heart broke for her that she chose to follow her dreams instead of being the dutiful daughter and following her father’s plans for her life. Stefan is an emotionless telekinetic psy, but found himself drawn to Tazia the instant they met a year earlier. A forbidden love with deadly consequences. Is it worth the risk?

Love, love, LOVED it!

This story follows one of the DarkRiver sentinels, Dorian. When he was born, he was diagnosed as a latent, which means he is unable to shift into his changeling form. Every chapter is a snippet from Dorian’s life as he deals with his latency. Even though he couldn’t shift, his pack mates never treated him as less than. He’s always been a valued member of the pack. Dorian gets a happily ever after in more ways than one.

This is another beautiful love story that will tug hard on those heartstrings! Dezi is a dominant leopard soldier that falls hard for the submissive wolf Felix. Unfortunately, there are a lot of rules regarding unmatched pairings in the changeling world. Being a dominant, Dezi has to be careful not to use her dominance against less powerful changelings, including a certain sexy wolf who’s captured Dezi’s attention.

Felix had his heart broken by a dominant wolf in the past and has no plans to do that again. However, he can’t help the attraction he has to Dezi. His wolf, on the other hand senses the dominant predator in Dezi and is fearful. There’s no way a dominant and a submissive would work. Could they?

Oh my goodness!!!! I absolutely LOVED Felix and Dezi’s story! I think Ms. Singh handled this perfectly! In most romance stories, paranormal and otherwise, the dominant character is usually the male. But when those roles are reversed? I don’t think I’ve ever read one, until now. I loved every word of the story and love, love LOVED the way it was told. I love how Dezi recognized the imbalance and did everything she could to make sure Felix was treated as a strong male and an equal mate. “Submissive doesn’t mean weak.” It was amazing! Did I mentioned I loved it? The only thing bad about this story is that it ended too soon! LOVED IT!

I was happy with the first three stories but Kenji made me mad right off the bat! To just disregard Garnet and become a notorious ladies’ man. I wanted to claw his face off! There’s also a mystery that quickly unfolds and had me dying for answers! During the mystery, Kenji and Garnet’s feelings reignite and sparks quickly fly. Kenji reveals a secret to Garnet that’s held him back from claiming her as his. Yes, it was noble, but he still made me mad with all his catting around. Jerk! I hope she makes him grovel…A LOT!

The entire book is awesome and there’s a story in here for everyone! First loves, second chances and life-changing circumstances are just some of the awesomeness in each and every novella! You don’t have to follow the series to enjoy or relate to the stories. You’ll fit right in! I HIGHLY recommend this and every book by Nalini Singh!

I was gifted an eBook copy from the publisher via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review. All conclusions reached are my own.

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