Excerpt & Review: Falling Completely by Aidan Willows

Author: Aidan Willows
Series: Starling Falls #1
Release Date: January 14, 2016
Publisher: Self-Published
Source: Author
Pages: 352
Reviewer: Elizabeth
Rating: 5 Stars
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Falling in love is not for me. I don’t do relationships, they never end well.
I don’t believe in fate, soul mates or happy, fairy tale endings. I’m definitely not a sweet little princess in search of her prince.
I have a plan to follow and falling in love is not part of that plan.
Nothing is going to change my mind.
Not even a domineering, gorgeous, blue-eyed firefighter who seems to be everywhere I go.


The moment I saw her, I knew.
I knew the funny, curvy, raven haired beauty was supposed to be mine.
She may not agree with me at the moment, but I’m a patient man.
I’m not afraid to play dirty to get what I want.
And I want Maliya Abbott.

When her sister decides to move from London, across the Atlantic Ocean to Starling Falls to run an estranged relative’s bakery, Maliya Abbott is pretty sure her sister has lost her ever-loving mind.

Not wanting to be separated from the only family she has left, Maliya goes with her, a move that was only supposed to last a year. After all, training to be a doctor at the same University her parents did had always been her goal.
What she hadn’t planned on, was meeting Caleb Jameson. A man who is adamant they are destined to be together. That would be great, if she actually believed in any of that crap.

She also hadn’t planned on his insane, lovable, meddling family trying to derail her plans.

Maliya is a smart girl. She knows what she wants and what she doesn’t want. She definitely wants to go to Oxford University and train to become a doctor. She definitely does NOT want anything to do with Caleb Jameson.

Now, if only she could get her stupid heart to listen to her head.
Authors Note: 18+ For mature readers only. Book contains graphic language, scenes of a very sexual nature, a dirty-talking and determined alpha male, a sassy and food obsessed heroine who talks to herself far too much, a cynical and suspicious geriatric aunt, a meddlesome family, some very unhelpful friends, a mind controlling goldfish and a possibly cannibalistic cat…

Posted with permission from the author

******WARNING: This excerpt contains adult language (profanity) and is for readers 18 years of age and older******

4 months ago…

“You want to do what?!?”

I stared in disbelief at my usually timid and cautious sister.

“You heard me Liya. I want to move to Starling Falls to help Aunt Trudy with her bakery while she heals.” Niki said, quietly but firmly.

“You didn’t even want to go abroad for Pastry School. But now you want to up and leave London and a job you love, move thousands of miles away, to run a bakery in a town you know nothing about, for a relative we barely know? HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND ANNIKA?” my eyes were wide as I ogled my baby sister and took out my phone.

“Are you seriously going on your phone in the middle of our conversation?” Niki asked me indignantly “What are you doing?”

“I’m Googling ‘how to tell if someone has been taken over by a pod person.’” I told her as I typed the very important query into the search engine.

Niki rolled her eyes and pulled the phone from my hands.

“Don’t be so dramatic Liya. You may not have wanted to get to know our grandaunt, but I’ve gotten closer to her over the years. You know I’ve kept in touch with her ever since she came for Mama and Daddy’s funerals.”

I failed to see how a few sporadic phone calls over a decade had allowed her to get close enough to a woman to actually want to run her business for her.

Niki’s eyes filled with the tears that usually appeared whenever she spoke of our parents. She brushed the tears away roughly as they fell down her cheeks.

   Well done for upsetting her dickhead.

 I opened my mouth to reason with my hopefully only temporarily insane sister, when she stopped me by raising her hand.

“Liya. Just listen to me. Aunt Trudy is the only family we have left. We may not know her well, but I think that means we should get to know her better. She’s hurt and is struggling but is too stubborn to ask for help. I heard it in her voice when I spoke to her. Her heart is breaking at the thought of having to sell that bakery.”

“Doesn’t Aunt Trudy have employees there who can run things while she recovers? Say, for example, someone who perhaps lives more locally and not across the fucking Atlantic Ocean?”

“It’s more than that Liya. I think she’s too stubborn to trust anyone else and she’s struggling financially. She seems to be a great baker, but not a great business woman. From everything that I’ve learnt from Paulette, I’m sure I would be able to help her.”

After finishing pastry school Niki had gone to work for an amazing Pastry Chef named Paulette St. Pierre at a fancy bakery in Chelsea called ‘The Baker’s Dozen’. It was a highly sought after position, which made her decision all the more confusing.

She took a deep breath and continued. “Also, I don’t love it at Baker’s Dozen anymore. I haven’t been happy there for a while now. I want more. I want a new challenge, Liya. I’d been thinking about doing something different for a while now and I think this could be just the change I need.”

Eyes similar to mine, met my gaze and I saw a determination in them that I had never seen before.

“I’ve made my decision and I’m not going to change my mind. I’ve already given my notice in at the bakery. I figure by the time I sort everything out I should be ready to move in about three or four months. This is my life Liya and I need to do this. I’m going to do it, with or without your support.”

Niki stood up and looked down at me. Crossing her arms in front of her ample chest, she took a deep breath obviously gearing up for whatever retaliation she felt I was going to throw at her.

I knew my sister well enough to know she was anxious about this decision but this was also the most determined I had ever seen her. My heart sank slightly as I realised that she was serious about moving.

Niki was the only family I had left since my parents had died. Throughout our lives, I had always felt like it was my duty to watch out for my sweet, naive younger sister.

Though, I had depended on her just as much as she had needed on me. We’d always been close and had never lived apart. My eyes fell to the infinity symbol and pair of ladybugs, one slightly bigger than the other, tattooed on my wrist and then to the matching tattoo on Niki’s arm. We had gotten the matching tattoos on the day of our father’s funeral.

I simply couldn’t imagine my life without Niki in it. I knew separation would be inevitable, that we both would have to eventually move on and lead separate lives, but at that moment, I just wasn’t ready to let go yet. 
There was a heavy silence between us.

     Fuck my life.

“Okay then, Little Bug.” I sighed heavily in a resigned tone..

“Okay… What?”

“Okay, I guess we’re moving to Starling Falls.”

“WE?” she asked her eyes widening.

“You didn’t think I would let you move to some random little town in the middle of nowhere by yourself did you?”

   Note to self: Check out murder rate statistics in Starling Falls and surrounding areas prior to move.

© by Aidan Willows

I absolutely LOVED this book. I don’t think “love” will ever adequately do it justice. It was amazing, spectacular and EVERYTHING I look for in a romance book. Liya was such a hoot! I love her larger than life persona. She’s easy to relate to and has an extremely gifted potty mouth, like myself. I found her exciting, hilarious and endearing! Her sister Niki was also brilliantly written. I loved their relationship and Niki’s sense of honor and family.

Caleb was a dreamboat! The ultimate stubborn alpha male. He really won me over quickly with his witty comebacks and his amazing sense of self and of family. He knows what he wants and when he finds it in Liya, he will stop at nothing to make sure she is loved, cared for and appreciated. I fell in love with him so completely. He and Liya made a perfect pair and I loved them together.

There’s also the matter of Caleb’s family. Every single one of the Jamesons stole my heart! They are a big and boisterous family full of love…and profanity! They are also a close nit group that always have each other’s’ backs. I wish there were more scenes with them around the dinner table. Their love is palpable and no one escapes a good family ribbing! Each one of Caleb’s siblings is special in their own way and I cannot wait to find out more about them all!

This book was a balm to my soul. The dialogue was hilarious and had me laughing out loud through the entire story! The characters are all easily relatable and their joys and struggles are quite realistic. I laughed, I cried and I loved every word of this book. Every. Single. Word.

I highly recommend FALLING COMPLETELY to everyone (ages 18 and over, of course) J

I was gifted an eBook copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. All conclusions reached are my own.

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