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For Nicola Charles, the yellow water was the breaking point.

She had already spent several hours working her way through five years of dust as she sorted all her worldly possessions. With her throat parched from that uncomfortable effort, she’d staggered past her friend Cassie to get a drink from the kitchen sink.

When Nicola turned on the tap, a long pause ensued, followed by several ominous spit-takes from the sink. The faucet finally shot to life with a stream of dark yellow water.

Nicola stared for a long moment, then said to Cassie, conversationally, “I’m moving.” With a firm hand, Nicola flicked off the tap and retreated from the sink.

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Title: A Midsummer Night’s Fling
Author: Eliza Walker
Genre: Contemporary Romance
On Sale Date: June 20, 2016

The show must go on, but the price of admission could be her heart.

Sick of her vagabond life in a Broadway touring company, Nicola is ready to settle down. She wants nothing more than to park her suitcase in California, put out feelers for local auditions, and leave her past firmly behind her.

Too bad her past comes knocking on her door her first day home. All six-foot-three, beautiful man of past named Max. Max: the mistake Nicola just can’t seem to stop making.

Even before Nicola—fiery, quick-witted, beautiful Nicola—slams the door in his face, Max is in trouble. She will always be the one who got away. Three times. Which makes convincing her to play Titania to his Oberon a bit…awkward.

Though she has zero desire to re-re-rekindle an old flame, Nicola can’t turn down the chance Max is offering: a lead role with the West Coast’s premiere Shakespeare company. But when their first rehearsal kiss disintegrates into a passionate liplock, she’s questioning her sanity and tempted to jump ship—before Max can break her heart again.

Now it’s up to Max to convince her that the torch he’s been carrying is actually an eternal flame.

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Q&A About A Midsummer Night’s Fling with
 Eliza Walker

Q: Please tell us about the characters in your book A Midsummer Night’s Fling.

ELIZA: Max is a tender-hearted hunk who doubts his own acting abilities. Nicola is a wary but passionate actress searching for her big break. The two of them were childhood sweethearts once upon a time, but Max was a big-time party boy and that drove them apart. Now they’re working together on a play, and neither of them is sure they can resist the other.

Q: What inspired you to write A Midsummer Night’s Fling?

ELIZA: I’ve been in A Midsummer Night’s Dream twice as an actor (once as a fairy and once as Hermia). For various reasons, it’s kind of my sentimental favorite of Shakespeare’s plays. Reunited lovers is also one of my favorite tropes so, when I started brainstorming ideas for a contemporary romance, the idea of reunited lovers having to work together to play Titania and Oberon (the ultimate Shakespeare power couple) just got all of my creative juices flowing.

Q: This book is set at a successful theater company in Southern California. Did you do a lot of research on working in the theater?

ELIZA: I was an actor myself in my misspent youth, but I’m also lucky because I have some contacts who are still in the industry who were willing to let me pick their brains. One actor in particular, Thomas Ashworth, was invaluable. I went to a play he was in and afterwards he persuaded the whole cast to basically line up and let me interview them. That was a very cool day! I also read a bunch of actor memoirs and behind the scenes books to help me build that theater flavor in. I love this kind of research so I’m planning to do as much as I can as the series continues.

Q: What did you love best about writing A Midsummer Night’s Fling?

ELIZA: Max and Nicola have a really fun, affectionate chemistry together despite their difficult past (and present). Apart from their attraction for each other they’re good friends, too. I loved writing them.

Q: What’s your favorite moment from your book?

ELIZA: I love writing banter, and there are some fun exchanges between Max and Nicola in this book. I really love this conversation right after Nicola joins the play:

“I should have asked for more money to do this play,” she said.
            Max nodded. “Probably.”
            “And my own dressing room.”
“And some sort of cabana boy to feed me grapes in the breaks between scenes.”
            “Well,” Max paused, putting on a thoughtful expression. “We don’t have anyone like that on staff, but maybe one of the interns.”

Q: What’s up next in the Much Ado About Love Series?

ELIZA: I’m working on Book 2 right now, and it will feature Max’s movie star brother Peter. Peter’s joining the theater company for a season to reboot his life after a personal disaster that turned into a professional one, too. Once rehearsals start, the sparks immediately fly between Peter and his leading lady Hartley, a sharp and witty woman who doesn’t let him take the easy way out on anything. He can’t charm her, and she’s not impressed by his fame. This series is really fun to write so I’m so excited for Book 2.

Gut churning with unease, Max jogged backstage, following—okay, maybe chasing—Nicola.

He found her in the green room, leaning in the doorway, half-in, half-out, with a faraway expression in her eyes. In his younger days, Max had learned to recognize that look and put as much distance between himself and The Look as possible. Avoidance had always been his favorite way to solve conflicts. But not now. Five years hadn’t only made him older.

When she saw him, she held a hand out to stop him walking closer. “I’m fine.”


She flashed him an irritated glance but didn’t say anything.

“Nic, what’s wrong?”

She looked up, her eyes soft, her mouth half-parted. Awareness of her body flamed over him. Memories of the taste of her skin and the softness at the base of her throat had his lower self springing to attention.

Real professional there, Max. He shifted, uncomfortably aware of what a schmuck he was. Still, he wasn’t going to walk away. “Nicola. Tell me.”

She sucked in a deep breath and, when her gaze flicked to his mouth, he thought he might explode. “This, Max.” She cupped the back of his head, yanking his face down to her. “This is what’s wrong.”

Then she kissed him.

As her mouth touched his, he thought, This is a bad idea.

But still Max grinned against her lips. After all, he’d sort of been hoping this was the problem all along.

Eliza Walker, a native of Los Angeles, is the author of the Much Ado About Love Series that begins with A Midsummer Night’s Fling. Her experiences as an actress helped inspire the series about actors finding love amidst the bedlam backstage at a world-class repertory theater. Once upon a time, Eliza met her own wonderful husband when they did a play together.

By day Eliza helps corral engineers for NASA (without doing any of the tech stuff herself, of course). By night she loves to write her sarcastic heroes and heroines bantering their way to true love. Eliza is a total geek, a movie buff and a mediocre swing dancer. Eliza and her husband live in sunny Southern California with two of the neediest housecats on the planet.

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