Review: White Tiger by Jennifer Ashley

Author: Jennifer Ashley
Series: Shifters Unbound #8
Release Date: April 5, 2016
Publisher: Berkley
Source: Net Galley
Pages: 335
Reviewer: Elizabeth
Rating: 5 Stars
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A woman is lured into the shadows of a dangerous manhunt...
Wanted and on the run...

For twenty years, Kendrick, a white tiger Shifter, has been the Guardian of un-Collared Shifters who spend their lives living in secret—and in fear of being shunted into Shiftertowns. When Kendrick’s group is discovered and forced to flee, Kendrick is more desperate than ever to protect them

His only salvation was in a beautiful stranger.

In a diner in the middle of nowhere, lonely waitress Addison Price has seen a lot of unusual drifters come and go, but none has ever captivated—and intimidated—her like the imposing fugitive who wields a broadsword with incredible skill. But when he risks all to protect her, Addison’s fear turns to empathy—and empathy to desire as she learns more about her savior. Soon she’s more than willing to help the crushingly sensual white tiger and his cubs in a passionate bid for freedom. Whatever the cost.

Elizabeth's Thoughts
Oh my goodness! I absolutely LOVED this book! I don’t know why I haven’t discovered this series before but I’m completely hooked!

What drew me to this book was the synopsis! I loved the idea of this lonely waitress Addison just working and trying to figure out her life, when one evening a tall man with white and black striped hair walks into her diner with three young children. After several nights of seeing them, interacting with them and wanting to know more, all hell breaks loose and Addison finds herself caught up in a Shifter dispute and tasked with guarding three boys…who turn out to be shifters too!

I found myself easily relating to Addison. She is a strong woman and fiercely protective of those she calls her own. The boys/cubs were just the cutest, and I found myself losing my heart to them just as Addison did. And it wasn’t hard at all to fall in love with Kendrick. He is a great father, a great leader, protective, loyal and very passionate. I am dreamy sighing as I write this review!

What I thought was interesting about the book was the Shifter politics. Having never read the series before, I was not familiar with the background of the animosity between humans and Shifters. From what I could tell, the humans have collared Shifters (put some kind of shock collar around their necks to make sure they don’t get out of control, or as another way of the humans/government controlling them). The Collared Shifters are rounded up and put into Shiftertowns, away from human cities. Basically doing to them what the white man did to the First Nations people by forcing them on reservations during the 1800s.

Even though I was unfamiliar with some parts of the politics/background, it did not take away from my enjoyment of the story. I thought the book was brilliantly written and have already put the rest of the Shifters Unbound series on my TBR(to be read) pile!

WHITE TIGER is an exciting and entertaining paranormal romance and I encourage everyone to experience it!

I was gifted an eBook copy from the publisher via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review. All conclusions reached are my own.

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