Review: Colters' Gift by Maya Banks

Author: Maya Banks
Series: Colters' Legacy #5
Release Date: November 5, 2013
Publisher: Berkley
Source: Net Galley
Pages: 368
Reviewer: Elizabeth
Rating: 5 Stars
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New York Times bestselling author Maya Banks’ enthralling saga continues as two men, and one resilient woman hiding from the past, brace themselves for an emotional storm of unavoidable danger and unmatched desire….

Lauren Wilder fell for the wrong man, trusted the wrong man, and she paid a very dear price for it. Now broken and wounded, she's retreated to the bosom of the Colter family and the unshakeable love and support they offer. But the man she once loved and trusted is not without his own power, and he'll use every bit of his money and resources to make sure he gets Lauren back, no matter whom he destroys doing it.

Liam and Noah were hired by Lauren's brother to watch over her. But with danger looming, they head to the Colorado mountain—where Lauren has found temporary sanctuary. In her wounded eyes, Liam and Noah see the woman she once was—and could be again. They’re determined to show her everything a man can be—someone who will love her, cherish her, satisfy her, and when the time comes, put their very lives on the line for her.

Elizabeth's Thoughts
Colters’ Woman was the first Maya Banks books I read. I instantly fell in love with Adam, Ethan, and Ryan. I was so happy when Maya decided to expand the world of Clyde, Colorado and give us Colters’ Lady, Colters’ Daughter and Colters’ Promise. It was bittersweet to read Colters’ Gift and have to close the door on all these characters who feel like family.

As the story opens we see Lauren, months after the terrible ordeal with her ex, finally settling into the small Colorado mountain town. She has a job and a new place to live and has slowly regained her independence.

Trying to move on and leave her painful past behind, Lauren gets an unexpected visit from tall, dark and tattooed, Liam Prescott and Noah Sullivan. Liam and Noah have been on a wild goose chase for months and came to Clyde for answers and to claim the woman they both love. What has Lauren been keeping from them? Does she return their feelings as well?

Lauren can’t believe her luck when not one but two men want to claim her. But can the relationship really work with two headstrong alpha males? As they explore the possibility of a relationship, the trio’s world is turned upside down when Lauren’s past literally comes crashing down on them. Can Liam and Noah save the woman they love from being thrust back into the previous hell she barely survived before?

It is no secret that Maya Banks is one of my very favorite authors. I absolutely love her character-driven stories and this story is no different. It was wonderful to see all the Colters again. It’s hard to believe that only a few years separate the books but many years have aged all those characters we love. There are a few adult themes addressed in the book that may be uncomfortable for some readers consisting of a violent and somewhat sadistic nature.

At the end of the book we are treated with a novella, Colters’ Legacy, that concludes the series. We find out what happens with Lily’s pregnancy; Lauren, Liam and Noah’s future; and a final scene with Adam, Ethan, Ryan and Holly that had me balling my eyes out. I will miss all of these beloved characters so very much.

I think that’s what makes a great author. Someone who makes us laugh, cry, and give us unforgettable characters that change our outlook. Maya writes about strong, tough men who love, respect and takes care of the women in their lives. Although fictitious, I often wonder if men like these truly exist. Thank you, Maya for helping us to dream and for sharing this beautiful story that is The Colters.

I was gifted an eBook copy from the publisher via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review. All conclusions reached are my own.

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