Review: To Claim His Mate by Serena Pettus

Author: Serena Pettus
Series: Wolfe Brothers #4
Release Date: January 8, 2014
Publisher: Resplendence Publishing
Source: Author
Pages: 125
Reviewer: Elizabeth
Rating: 5 Stars
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After watching all of his brothers find and wed their mates, Adam Wolfe is starting to wonder if there’s a woman out there for him as well. Deciding to ditch the latest wedding festivities, he heads to the store intending to buy a little liquor and indulge in a pity party at home. Of course, that was before he saw her. The woman in the aisle with him was absolutely gorgeous, and smelled like heaven.

And his wolf was eager to gobble her up. Could it really be her? Had he really just stumbled upon his mate?

Evangeline Black lives a rather sad life nowadays. Due to the efforts of her abusive ex-fiancé, she has basically become a hermit, but that all changes when an impossibly sexy man comes to her aid.

Now, homeless and in hiding, she discovers that not all men are the same. No, some of them are caring and considerate … and have a very closely guarded secret of the furry kind.

When danger catches up to Eva, she must now rely on her newfound friends to rescue her before it’s too late, but what happens when nobody knows where you are?

Elizabeth's Thoughts
I absolutely LOVED this book! Adam is so dreamy and I completely fell for his quiet presence. Eva is a strong woman who compliments Adam well. I loved watching Adam and Stephanie’s (Abraham’s mate) banter.

“She’s not in any pain, is she? No cramping or stabbing pains?”  
“No, just the nausea.” Thank God. “Hurting would be bad right?”

“Yes, twinkle-douche, hurting is very bad.” An exasperated sigh came over the line. “Just call my cell if you need anything, and I’ll make sure grouch-ass over here doesn’t answer.”  
Said grouch-ass growled in the background, and Adam laughed, but what had she called him? “Twinkle-douche? What the hell is a—” 
“Bye now!” Click. Adam closed his phone and shook his head. The insults that woman pulled out of her ass amazed him at times. 

Eva has a great sense of humor as well and Sarah had me laughing the most. Erik’s book has always been my favorite of the series but after reading Adam’s book, I may have to amend my decision.

“I won’t hurt her.” Mike looked insulted but reached out to Sarah. She took his hand and shook it. “I just wanted to give these back to her. You guys don’t owe me a thing. Besides, she’d probably kick my ass if I tried to do anything. Did you teach her how to fight?”  
“Sorry, but I can’t take the credit for that one.” Erik eyed the other man for a moment before voicing what they were all thinking. “You’re a pretty big guy.”  
“Yeah, it puts a lot of people on edge, but I can’t help it.” Mike smiled down at Sarah. “I think she’s the first woman who hasn’t been even a little scared of me.” 
“That’s my Sarah. Give her a violent bar fight, and she’s fine but show her a spider, and—”  
“Shut up!” Sarah screeched, startling Mike who stepped back. “Those eight-legged freaks are evil! They just drop in on their butt ropes like little sadistic bungee jumpers!” The men were all laughing now. “They do! They’re like ninja bugs.”  
They continued laughing at her girly display, and Sarah gave them all the bird before stomping out to the car. “Bastards,” she snarled.

I really enjoyed reading about Wolfe Brothers and I’m sad to see them go. I’ll miss their colorful humor and the hardcore love and protectiveness they have for their mates, and their family.

I want to give a special thanks to Serena Pettus for allowing me to review her books and I wish her much success in all future endeavors.

Excerpts used are posted with permission from the author.

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