Review: Desperado by Lisa Bingham

Author: Lisa Bingham
Series: Taggart Brothers #1
Release Date: June 2, 2015
Publisher: Berkley
Source: Library
Pages: 336
Reviewer: Elizabeth
Rating: 5 Stars
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From bestselling author Lisa Bingham comes the first in a brand-new series starring a trio of handsome wranglers. The Taggart brothers have bodies of iron and hearts of gold—though both may be a shade tarnished. But that doesn’t stop them from trying to keep the women they love in their arms . . .

Elam Taggart knows about the nickname town gossips have given him: Desperado. He doesn’t care. He’s lost just about everything: his wife, his parents, his little sister, and his career as a Navy EOD specialist. After returning home, he hightails it to the rugged Wasatch Mountains outside town.

But when his brother comes asking for help, Elam can’t say no. That is, until Elam realizes that in order to help, he’ll be forced to spend time with town newcomer P.D. Raines. P.D. knows that asking Elam Taggart to be her partner in the town’s upcoming Wild West Games is a mistake. But she needs the prize money, and Elam is lean, hard, and tortured—a dangerous combination she can’t seem to resist.

As the competition heats up—to the point of peril—Elam and P.D. have to turn away from the past and embrace the passion that sparks between them in order to escape the threat to their lives.

Elizabeth's Thoughts
Amazing. Hands down. I absolutely loved it.

I read the second book in the series first—Jace’s book—and I completely fell in love with the Taggart family and everyone in the mythical town of Bliss, Utah. After Reading Jace’s book and following Elam and P.D.’s storyline, I knew I had to go back to the beginning and find out how they met.

DESPERADO is what contemporary romance is all about. I was immediately sucked into the story and never wanted to leave. Elam is broken. He’s lost his wife and his military career in the span of three years and he’s immersed himself in building a cabin, fulfilling one last promise to his deceased wife. Elam works from sunrise to sunset every day, mostly to keep his mind busy so he doesn’t have time to miss the things he’s lost. He’s drowning in oblivion until Bodey—the third Taggart brother—asks for his help.

P.D. needs help winning a contest so she can use her winnings to put into refurbishing her restaurant business. Bodey, her best friend, was supposed to be her partner but hurt himself on his family’s ranch and can’t compete. Elam is her last hope of competing for a chance at the prize money. P.D. is completely surprised when Elam, aka Desperado, agrees.

Elam and P.D. are magic together. I loved reading their story as they fell deeply in love. It’s always interesting to watch a character who’s been widowed find love again and the author handled it respectfully and brilliantly. Elam and P.D. are kindred spirits and actually have much more in common than you’d believe.

The secondary characters are also wonderful and vital to the storyline and supportive of Elam and P.D.’s relationship. I love romances set in small towns and this one is no exception. What I really love about the story is that Elam is not a bad boy/womanizer. He’s a solid man with a genuine heart and when he loves, he loves with his whole being.

DESPERADO is a beautiful story full of family, heart and love. The Taggart Brothers series has quickly become a favorite of mine and I cannot wait for the next story!

If you love small-town romances with dreamy cowboys, you’ll fall hard for The Taggarts.

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