Review: Renegade by Lisa Bingham

Author: Lisa Bingham
Series: Taggart Brothers #2
Release Date: January 5, 2016
Publisher: Berkley
Source: Net Galley
Pages: 336
Reviewer: Elizabeth
Rating: 5 Stars
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The bestselling author of Desperado returns with another sexy cowboy from the Taggart family...

The rugged and wild Taggart brothers know how to tame a restless beast, but a restless heart is a different matter...

When tragedy struck, Jace Taggart stepped in to run the family business and care for his brothers, sacrificing his own happiness to ensure their well-being. But after the beautiful Bronte Cupacek moves to town, Jace realizes he can’t ignore the hunger inside him much longer.

However, the last thing Bronte needs is another man in her life. After the end of a painful marriage, she just wants to focus on her daughters. They need her now more than ever. Yet no matter how hard Bronte tries to stand on her own two feet, it’s hard to resist the handsome cowboy who keeps coming to her aid.

Soon secrets from the past threaten everything dear to them. Only through embracing their undeniable connection can Jace and Bronte build a future together that no one can tear apart...

Elizabeth's Thoughts
I absolutely LOVED this book!

I cannot tell you how incredible this book is, but I’m sure going to try! I connected deeply with the story and the characters. Bronte was amazing in her strength, not too prideful and totally and completely likeable. I respected and admired her character very much.

When I read books, I usually have a connection to the heroine but this time it’s with the hero, Jace. I saw a lot of myself and my past/present circumstances in him and his story. The struggles he had with being true to himself battling with responsibilities and expectations placed upon his shoulders. I totally “got” where he was coming from and was so excited when he found some well-deserved happiness with Bronte and her daughters. 

The most powerful part of the book for me (other than the romance) was Jace’s relationship with his younger brother Barry. Barry is a mentally disabled teenager who Jace has been guardian of ever since their parents died. Having a special needs child myself, I deeply empathized with Jace and the struggles he faced with Barry. And I completely LOVED Barry. He reminded me so much of my own son that it literally felt like I was reliving memories. That relationship between Jace and Barry as well as with their brothers Elam and Bodey was just so special. I could never seem to hold back my emotions when Barry was sharing page time with his brothers and, well, with anyone else.

Jace and Bronte are perfect for each other. I loved how they recognized their feelings for each other but they were very cognizant and respectful of Bronte’s daughters’ and Barry’s feelings on the subject. If they were hurt or confused, the couple backed off, even though it hurt to do it. Bronte and Jace both understood and were sensitive to the kids’ feelings which were important and vital to the success, or failure, of their relationship. 

The secondary characters were amazing and made the story even greater. I loved Elam and Bodey and everyone else in the small Utah town of Bliss. I love the town “grapevine” where everyone is gossiping and always in each other’s business. I loved that volunteers came out to get Bronte’s grandmother’s house ready before she came home from the hospital. And I loved how Jace and Bronte were able to blossom—individually and as a couple—under the watchful eye of friends, family and the town of Bliss. 

This is my first read from Lisa Bingham and I am completely enamored, enraptured and entranced! This is the book I’ll be using to measure all others against. Ms. Bingham has set the bar high and I just can’t wait to visit the people of Bliss, Utah again! 10 Stars for RENEGADE!

I was gifted an eBook copy from the publisher via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review. All conclusions reached are my own.

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