Bringing in the New Year With a New Addition to the Blog!

Happy New Year!

Ever After Book Reviews is a labor of love. I would not have even started writing reviews and blogging if it weren't for my cousin and reader-in-crime, Marie. 

After going our separate ways with our first blogging adventure (HEAs Are Us) we've come together once more to form, not necessarily a partnership, but a joining of energies. You see, Marie's life has been terribly busy and she's been talking for a while about completely giving up blogging, which I knew she didn't want to do but there just aren't enough hours in the day. So I suggested that we join forces once more and instead of running two full-time blogs, Marie's site, Marie's Cozy Corner will become an extension of my blog here, Ever After Book Reviews. 

This will give Marie the flexibility and freedom she needs in her life and hopefully keep the site traffic active being linked to this blog. It's a venture we are both excited and relieved about. Marie will guest post on Ever After Book Reviews on occasion as well as hosting reviews, giveaways and author guest posts in the cozy mystery genre on Marie's Cozy Corner blog.

Ever After Book Reviews will remain a romance review site, no changes there. I can't live without happily ever afters!

Marie's Cozy Corner showcases cozy mystery books and authors. Please feel free to visit Marie's new home HERE or by clicking the tab in the menu bar.

For this new year, I wish you peace, prosperity, good health, good friends, good books and most of all, love.

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