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Olivia Bennett is not having a happy birthday. Instead of blowing out her twenty-nine candles, she's stuck in jail, caught red-handed in a graffiti incident that (perhaps) involved one too many strawberry margaritas. Worst idea ever. The only bright side is that she ended up in the strong arms of the most gorgeous lawman she's ever seen.

Pete Sampson (aka Deputy Hot Stuff) faces intense pressure from the sheriff to find out who's behind a string of vandalisms. And after her spray-painting spree, Olivia is suspect number one. Still, Pete can't stop thinking about her.Wanting her. Now he's torn between his duty and his overpowering desire for the vivacious waitress. But he may have to bend the rules because true love is more important than the letter of the law . . .

“They’ve defaced your car twice and hassled you in person all in a matter of days. I’d say it’s likely you haven’t seen the end of them, not unless you’re planning to do as they asked and back off your campaign against Halverson Foods.”
Her chin went up again. “Not a chance.”
A smile tugged at the corner of his lips. “That’s what I thought. The sheriff’s office is just a few blocks away. You look like you’re turning into a popsicle, so why don’t I drive us over and then I’ll bring you back here afterward and see you home.”
She cleared her throat. “See me home?”
He reached out to tuck a strand of shiny blond hair behind her ear. “I’ll follow you in my SUV and keep right on driving once I see that you’re home safely with no unwelcome visitors hanging around.”
“That’s awfully chivalrous of you,” she said.
They were alone in the parking lot and standing way too close for any good purpose.
“Just doin’ my job.” Although his job had nothing to do with the way he felt about her right then. He shoved his hands into the pockets of his jeans, trying to keep his mind off the way the street lamps reflected like little half-moons in her eyes or her flowery scent that toyed with his senses and hijacked his self-control.
“You’re not even on duty right now, and I’ve taken up your whole evening. I don’t think that’s in your job description. Thank you.” She went up on her toes and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. Instinctively, he turned his head so that her lips met his. She sucked in a breath, her eyes wide. He’d startled her, taken a friendly gesture too far.
“Sorry,” he whispered against her lips.
“Don’t be,” she said and kissed him back.
He drank in her scent and the feel of her lips on his. He wanted to taste every inch of her, more than he wanted his next breath, but not here, not now. Certainly not right before he marched her into the sheriff’s office to give her official report.
He rested his forehead against hers. “I didn’t mean to do that.”
She laughed, and the sound loosened something deep inside his chest. “But I’m glad you did.”
“I can’t do this with you right now, not while I’m working your case—your other case.” He held her hands in his.           
“Well that’s a bummer. Is it against the rules to date a criminal?”
He heard the laughter in her voice. “No, but as your arresting officer, it’s against the rules to become involved with you before your court date.”
“That’s only three weeks away.”
“Olivia.” He lifted her hands to his chest. “It’s not that simple. I’m about to take your official statement about what happened here in the parking lot earlier. It’s unethical in so many ways to even contemplate what you’re thinking about right now.”
She slid her hands around his neck and pressed her cheek to his. “Fine. I get it. But you know, if I get off without a criminal record next month, maybe give me a call?”
He laughed, pulling her closer against him. “Maybe.”

© by Rachel Lacey

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Rachel Lacey lives in North Carolina, with her husband, son, and their own rescued pup. She volunteers her spare time with Carolina Boxer Rescue and truly has a passion for helping our furry friends. She is a member of the Romance Writers of America as well as her local Heart of Carolina RWA chapter.

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