Review: Sea Of Love by Susan Donovan

For years Rowan Flynn distanced herself from Bayberry Island and its infamous mermaid legend. But after her investor fiancé lost what was left of her family’s fortune, Rowan reluctantly agreed to run the Safe Haven Bed-and-Breakfast, determined never again to fall for the ridiculous fantasy of the mermaid matchmaker.

Now Rowan is just biding her time until she can return to her “real” life in New York, fixing up the B and B and avoiding neighbors who are angry that the Flynns won’t sell their land to a developer set on turning the island into a glitzy vacation destination.

But when a handsome stranger arrives at the B and B the night before the annual Mermaid Festival, Rowan’s life takes a turn for the interesting. Could it be the divine hand of the town’s patroness? Or is Rowan being set up for another disappointment?

A hot shot business closer swoops into town with devious plans to seduce an already vulnerable Rowan and strong arm the landowners of Bayberry Island into selling their land to a huge corporation. Ash will make a lot of money on this deal and is confident in his skills to convince the townspeople that it’s in their best interest to sell and make way for a golf course, hotel and casino; never mind the fact that this deal might be terribly bad for the island’s ecosystem.

Rowan is stuck in the family B and B. She only took the job out of guilt from a huge past mistake that cost Rowan and her family dearly. She is also gun-shy and still nursing a broken heart from being lied to and betrayed horribly. As she prepares the fully booked B and B for the tourists during the island’s annual Mermaid Festival, a soaking wet, mysteriously gorgeous man appears on her doorstep in dire straits and in need of a room.

Rowan is instantly drawn to this stranger and can’t seem to take her eyes off his. This gorgeous man gives Rowan an offer she can’t refuse; ten thousand dollars for a week at the B and B. Rowan is completely dumbfounded and instantly cautious. But she needs the money so she fixes him up in the only room available, her room. Can she keep her distance from this gorgeous man who makes her knees weak and common sense fly out the window, or will Rowan end up humiliated and heartbroken…again?

I really, really loved this book! I read the novella of Annie and Nat’s story and was instantly hooked. What had me coming back to this series is the humor. I can’t tell you how many times I laughed out loud reading the story. I loved the idea of the Bayberry Island Mermaid Society; a bunch of middle-aged ladies who support the mermaid legend and fully support love and magic, while getting drunk, of course! I love the spirit and the pride taken in this small island town and if the mermaid statue was real, you better believe I’d be taking a trip to kiss the mermaid’s hand so that I could be led to my heart-mate!

I thought Ash was a total d-bag in the beginning but glad to see him reform and try to save the town from the large, corporate shark wanting to destroy the history and land of Bayberry Island. Rowan is a tough woman carrying a burden she shouldn’t have. She was hurt badly and I was so happy to see her finally get a good man. To say that their chemistry was explosive, would be putting it mildly.

What completely broke my heart was the continued separation of Rowan’s parents, Mona and Frasier. I hope they can get back together. 35 years is a lot of time to throw away, especially when they love each other. I also enjoyed reading about Rowan’s older brothers Clancy, the Chief of Police, and Duncan, a Navy SEAL. I’m looking forward to reading about their happily ever afters!

This is a sweet, funny romance series with a magical mermaid legend and the never ending search for love. It’s true that happy endings are few and far between, but on Bayberry Island, the belief of happily ever after is not fantasy, but reality.

I HIGHLY recommend this series to anyone who needs their journey towards a happily ever after to be filled with love, laughter, magic, and middle-aged women who dress up in full mermaid regalia! A wonderful start to a promising series!

I was gifted an eBook copy from the publisher via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review. All conclusions reached are my own.

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